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HR for SMEs - a practical guide

HR for SMEs - a practical guide

The book, by Paula Fisher, provides a step by step guide to HR for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). It is a jargon free overview of HR and how SMEs can effectively implement HR.

The book uses the analogy of football to explain HR in an easy to understand way, explaining concepts like the rule book i.e. you need to have rules in a game of football.  And then, even though everyone knows the rules, you still need a referee. 

This is the same in business. You need rules about your company - so everyone knows how to conduct themselves etc, and the first job of HR is to put the rules in place (e.g. contracts, handbooks etc). However,  even when these are in place, rules will be broken and therefore you need a 'referee'.

"HR for SMEs is the must have book for all small business owners. It's an easy to read guide that brings years of experience to decoding the mysteries of HR in a way that anyone can understand. If you are serious about running a business, then this should be the first book to appear on your business bookshelf" - Denise Rossiter, Chief Executive, Essex Chamber of Commerce. 

The book can also be ordered from Amazon (kindle or paperback).

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