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An Overview of Recruitment (below)

Guidance Notes on Recruitment - a summary of the key elements in the recruitment process

Job Descriptions - knowing what you are recruiting for

Selection - how to attract and short list candidates

Interviewing - guidance on how to plan and conduct an interview

New Starters - areas to consider when you have a new starter

Young Workers - additional areas to consider when employing young workers

Articles - Why it is important to check references  

Templates - documents relating to recruitment (e.g.job descriptions, example interview questions, etc)

Recruitment Overview

Recruitment is the starting point..... good recruitment decisions will support your business, poor recruitment decisions can be costly in terms of time, money and wasted opportunity.

Unfortunately there are no guarantees when it comes to recruitment. But there are some things you can do to try to help you make the right decisions and a starting point is to have a good recruitment process.

A good process will also protect you against potential liability if someone challenges your recruitment decision.

When considering your recruitment process you need to consider a number of areas including some of the following: 

  • how you will attract candidates?
  • how will you short list and screen (will you do telephone interviews and/or group interviews)?
  • do you have a clear job description and person specification for the position?
  • what questions will you ask in the interview (or telephone interview)?
  • will you 'score' candidates when you short list and interview?
  • will you ask candidates to carry out any tests or prepare a presentation or complete a psychometric test?

The process will depend on your own organisation and requirements. A good process will save you time as you will be prepared and know exactly what you are doing (e.g. interview agenda and having questions ready) and act consistently with candidates which will help you reach the right decisions.

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