Occupational Health

Why Use Occupational Health?

Practical HR work closely with Occupational Health (OH) providers and can provide access to OH providers to our Clients. We have negotiated some special rates and will help manage any referral to ensure you are provided with relevant information in any situation. This can be essential when managing workplace issues that may involve absence, disability or other related situations.

What is Occupational Health?

Occupational Health provide medical / health advice to organisations. Such advice is specifically related to the employee's work (occupation). Occupational Health advice is generally more objective than a report from an employee's own Doctor and can be obtained more quickly.

As part of any Occupational Health assessment, it is important to provide OH with the right information and details about the the job role and to ask the right questions. For example, if an employee's job role involves lifting and the employee has a bad back, OH cannot give a report of whether an employee is able to carry out this function if you don't tell them about it and ask the question!

When and why would you carry out an Occupational Health assessment?

An OH assessment (and there are various kinds) would generally be carried out when an employee is off sick (e.g. long term sickness), is unable to carry out part of their job role (e.g. because of an injury or disability), or where there are general concerns about an employee's well-being (e.g. this may be frequent short term sickness).

An assessment can provide the Company with guidance and advice on whether an employee is or will be fit to return to work, to carry out certain duties and/or if any adjustments to the employees job role are required.

Such information can be essential to ensure the Company has relevant medical information (e.g. before making decisions about an employees position or job role).


There are various OH assessments available and the right assessment would be recommended by the OH practitioners. Some assessments can be done over the telephone. Alternatively a practitioner can visit an employee at home or the employee can attend an appointment.

If you require OH services, please do not hesitate to speak to us.

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