Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Good employment practices will reduce the risk of disputes. They will also ensure that if disputes do arise they can be robustly defended. Prevention is definitely better than cure. 

However, even with all the correct documentation and best employment practices, if an employee or ex-employee is determined to make a claim against you, you cannot prevent this. Even if it is without merit and/or spurious. 

This is why many employers choose to have additional insurance in place.

Practical HR have therefore teamed up with AXA Insurance and Evans Insurance Brokers to provide a comprehensive and affordable Employment Practices Liability Insurance for our Clients.

Benefits of the Insurance

  • Protect yourself and the business for less than £30.00 per month 
  • The excess of £3,750.00 is waived where you have sought and followed our advice in any case
  • You can pay for the insurance over 12 months by Direct Debit (interest free)
  • If there is a claim, Practical HR are able to act for you (rather than being passed over to the panel solicitors).

Cost and Limit of Cover

The table below shows the costs and limit of cover available. The costs include Insurance Premium Tax at 9.5% and an administration fee of £30.00. 

(any one claim including costs)

 Number of Employees
 Up to 25 
  25 to 50  51 to 100 
101 to 150  
151 to 200 
 £358.50 £440.62
 £796.50 £906.00
 £438.00  £577.50  £796.12  £960.75  £1,070.25
 £577.50  £796.50 £1,015.50
 £796.50  £1,015.50  £1,289.25 £1,426.12

Please note: the figures shown are indicative only and are subject to you being able to comply with the standard acceptance criteria provided by AXA (please see application form). If you cannot comply with this criteria, AXA will need to consider the information you have given before we can confirm your premium or excess level. This means that your premium and excess may be different from those shown above. The terms of cover may also be different.

 Click here to see PDF of prices and benefits.  

How to apply/or get a quote... 

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