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Policies and Standards Overview

Your HR Policies and Procedures will help support the business as they will provide clarity about standards and expectations. They help set out your 'rules' and procedures around matters. There are also legal requirements to provide certain policy documents (disciplinary and grievance).

Policy and procedures will generally be 'non-contractual'.  This means that they can be changed and amended by the Company should the need arise without the requirement to consult with employees (unlike the contract of employment)

Policies and procedures should be appropriate to the organisation. They should NOT be overly bureaucratic or lengthy or so rigid as to be inflexible - but they need to provide enough clarity to communicate clearly. Therefore the polices often found in larger corporate or public sector organisations would NOT be appropriate for SME's.  To summarise, some of the key reasons to have 'appropriate' policy documents:

  • There is a legal requirement to have certain policies in place - e.g. disciplinary and grievance.
  • Having clear policies (including rules and standards and codes of conduct) will help communicate what is expected to employees and therefore you are more likely to get what you want! 
  • If you have a policy (and procedure) it makes it easier to manage any situation as you simply follow the procedure.
  • Policies make up your 'rule book' and the clearer people are about the rules the better (please see HR & Football for a further explanation!)

Employee Handbooks 

Many organisations provide an Employee Handbook. This is simply a handbook that incorporates all of the required HR policies and standards as well as giving some general information about the Company.  Please see Practical HR Templates - Employee Contracts which provides comprehensive templates for the full handbooks.  If you want an all 'singing and dancing' solution, you can consider that provides you with your own bespoke HR website that includes all your policy documents (and is updated when the law changes).

Click here to see the list of example policies that you can download.

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