Family Friendly Rights

There a number of employment rights that come under the banner of 'family friendly'. These are generally rights associated with time off for matters relating to dependents (children or other dependents) or where an employee may be caring for someone. These rights are set out in legislation and therefore you cannot ignore them or try to 'contract-out' of them. The payments received by employees for most of these are also set out in legislation and generally these change every April (see our Employment Facts for the latest rates).

How to Manage Family Friendly Rights?

Follow the links below for a step by step guide to each of the following 'family friendly' rights:  

There are also policy documents available on all of the above.

Note: you should also make sure that you maintain communication with any employees who are off work for family friendly related reasons. This would include keeping them informed of any significant changes in the business, advising them of vacancies or other matters. Please also see (this ensures on-going communication to all employees).

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