Employment Tribunal Representation

A concern for every business is the risk of an employee making a claim to an employment tribunal. Good employment practices will help prevent this and also ensure you are in the strongest position to defend any claim. However, the unfortunate fact is that  if an employee is determined to make a claim, even if there is no merit in the claim and it is totally spurious, you cannot prevent them from doing so.

The good news is that the number of  'spurious claims' and claims in total have reduced since the introduction of fees (i.e. an employee will have to pay a fee to be able to make a claim). But this does not stop every claim.

In the unfortunate event that this situation should arise, you will want to be clear about your options, what to expect and potential costs. Practical HR can provide you with support at every stage. From ACAS pre-claim conciliation, the full management of any case (including potential settlement), all the way through to representation (by our Barrister).  

Insurance Claims

You can also consider taking out insurance against employment claims. Insurance starts from just £30.00 per month. The insurance is through AXA and Practical HR have negotiated some special terms including a waiver on the excess (if you take and follow our advice from the outset). In addition, Practical HR will continue to manage the situation with you (rather than being passed over to panel solicitors). Please see our insurance pages for further details.

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