Contracts of Employment

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An introduction to contracts of employment (below)

Guidance notes on Contracts of Employment

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Zero Hours Contracts

Restrictive Covenants

Guidance on how to change and/or implement contracts of employment

Change of Terms during employment (also see During Employment)

Template documents

Contracts of Employment

The contract of employment is the foundation on which the employment relationship is built. The right contracts of employment will protect the business and provide flexibility. The wrong contracts won't! They will restrict you and leave you vulnerable to unnecessary costs and disputes.

Generally when there is an employment 'issue' or 'dispute' the first question is 'what does the contract say?' (followed by what does the policy say?).

Clearly drafted contracts (and supporting documentation) can prevent disputes arising. If everyone is clear from the outset about what the terms are (and what is expected) there is less chance of misunderstandings or disagreements. If disputes do arise, they can generally be resolved more quickly, easily and amicably.

The contract of employment is simply the most important document when it comes to employment - so it's worth getting right.

There are also legal requirements to meet with in regards to providing employees with a written statement of their terms of employment.  This can be achieved by providing a clear contract (ensuring the areas required under legislation are included).

We can provide further support with contracts either via our Practical HR Templates - Employment Contracts or our bespoke contract drafting service.

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