Bespoke Contracts of Employment

The contract of employment is the most important document in the employment relationship.  A good contract will provide the organisation with protection and flexibility. A poor contract will leave you vulnerable and inflexible!

One of the first questions when there is an employment 'issue' or dispute is "what does the contract say" as, very simply, it will be the contract of employment that will determine what you can and cannot do in a number of important areas. 

These include areas around pay (e.g. deductions, when and how you pay people), hours of work (can you change employee's hours, put them on short-time working or even lay them off), and absence (how and when absence is reported, payments, medical examinations etc).

Bespoke Contracts of Employment  

Practical HR offer two bespoke contract drafting options. One includes holding a detailed contracts meeting where your current terms and required terms are discussed, together with options and  explanations around terms that can be included in contracts to give you wider protection and flexibility.

A consultant will work with you to identify different categories (e.g. do you need an office contract and a field sales persons contract) and then draft contracts specifically for your needs and needs of the business.

Our second option is our 'telephone' drafting, where we will initially send you a questionnaire to identify key terms for your contracts. A Consultant will then draft your contracts and send the draft to you, this will form the basis of a further telephone discussion where the draft contract is discussed in more detail.

Practical HR Templates - Employment Contracts

We also offer an 'entry level' and more cost effective solution for contracts of employment via our Practical HR Templates - Employment Contracts package. 

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