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  • Job Description, Person Specification, Application Form, Example Interview Questions, Example Scoring Sheet, Letters (invite for interview, hold, regret), Reference Request (letter and form).

Contracts of Employment and Change of Terms

  • Basic Contract, Casual Agreement, Offer Letter with Contract, Implementation Memo, Change of Personal Details Form, Change of Terms Form, Letter Confirming Promotion, Letter Confirming Pay Rise, Deductions From Pay Form, Training Deductions Form, Issuing a Float, Issuing Equipment.

Policies & Procedures

  • Disciplinary, Grievance, Equal Opportunities, Bullying & Harassment, Whistle-blowing, Bad Weather, Social Events, Computers and Internet, Social Networking,  Sickness Absence, Absence (other reasons), Bribery and Corruption.

See Family Friendly for Family Friendly policy documents.

During Employment

  • New Starter: Reference Request Letter and Form, Basic Contract Of Employment (also see contracts of employment), Basic Offer Letter With Terms Of Employment, New Starter and Induction Checklist, New Starter - Personal Details Form, Checklist for Personnel File.
  • General: Issue of Uniform or Equipment Form.
  • Probationary Period: Probationary Review Form, Letter Confirming Successful Completion of Probationary, Letter Confirming Extension of Probationary Period, Letter Terminating Employment (unsuccessful completion of probationary period).
  • Appraisals: Job Holders Preparation Sheet, Managers Preparation Sheet, Performance Management Report.

Also see other sections (e.g. contracts) for templates relevant to during employment.

Absence (sickness and other)

  • Absence Monitoring: Self Certification Form, Return to Work Interview Form, Absence Interview Form.
  • Guidance on the Bradford Factor .
  • Medical Capability: Letter Requesting Consent for a Medical Report, Letter to Medical Professional Asking for Medical Report, Letter Inviting Employee to Attend Meeting Relating to Absence.
  • Payments During Absence: Phased Return to Work And Adjustment to Pay, End of Company Sick Pay, End of Discretionary Sick Pay.


  • Holiday and Absence Request Form, Holiday and Absence Monitoring Form, Letter Regarding Unauthorised Holiday.

Family Friendly

  • Maternity Leave, Antenatal and Adoption Appointments, Shared Parental Leave, Paternity Leave, Parental Leave, Parental Bereavement Leave, Adoption Leave, Emergency Leave, Flexible Working.


  • Letters Relating to Suspension x 3, Letters Relating to Investigation x 3 and Investigation Report Template, File Note for Improvement Form, Invite to Disciplinary Letters x 4, Dismissal Letters x 2, Appeal Letters x 2, Unauthorised Absence Letters.


  • Invite To Meeting, Letter Of Outcome, Invite To Appeal, Letter Of Outcome After Appeal.

Termination (ending employment)

  • Leavers Checklist, Exit Interview Letter and Form, Letter Accepting Resignation, Standard Reference Letter.
  • Redundancy: At Risk Letter, Interim Meeting Letter, Final Letter/Notice, Guidance on Selection Criteria.


Employment Facts

  • Giving as summary of current rates (e.g. SSP, SMP, minimum wage), compensation rates, minimum holiday, statutory redundancy rates.
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